O&M Chambal Bharatpur

About This Project

O&M Chambal Bharatpur

Location: Dholpur – Bharatpur
Client: PHED Rajasthan.

Sector: O & M Project

Starting Date: 2020

Project Brief: Operate and maintain the entire Chambal – Dholpur – Bharatpur Water Supply Transmission system consisting of the intake pump house, raw water pumping station Sagarpada, raw water pumping station Mallah, the raw water reservoirs at Sagarpada of 25.60 ML and Mallah of 220 ML, Water Treatment plant of 112 MLD, the Clear Water Reservoir of 10 ML, the Raw Water Mains with cathodic and surge protection system, the 33 kV switchyards at Intake, Sagarpada and Mallah Head Works, Raw Water Supply system to Dholpur city, water supply system to KNP and all ancillary buildings, campus area, roads and ancillary civil structures, service roads, along with the pipeline for the 5 Years.

Ongoing Projects