JJM Jawai Pali

About This Project

JJM Jawai Pali

Location: Pali District
Client: PHED Rajasthan

Sector: Jal Jeevan Mission

Starting Date: 5.12.2021

Project Brief: Under JJM, The Project is designed to provide safe and potable drinking water to over 224 villages and their 123 other habitations of tehsil Bali, Desuri and Rani under Jawai Cluster IV. This project is a part of a large scheme of water supply projects planned by State Government to provide piped drinking water to every household.

Major components of this work includes:

  • Construction testing and commissioning of 5Nos. CWR, with total capacity of 350kL.
  • Designing providing laying jointing testing and commissioning of 1336Km pipeline.
  • Construction of 7 Nos. Pumping stations , 18Nos. RCC Intz tank type ESR, 19Nos. RCC Flat slab OHSR and 11 Nos. GLSR at different locations.
  • Commissioning of 36231 Nos. house service connections with service level of 55LPCD.
Ongoing Projects